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Market analysis, i.e., evaluating the business environment, is crucial for survival and achieving competitive advantages. You can make the best strategic decisions and minimize false assumptions with us. We monitor changes in the business ecosystem and provide our clients with timely intelligence. Often used technical term PEST or, more recently, PESTEL refers to political, economic, social, technological, ecological, and legal factors monitored and analyzed.

Consultigence Group in PESTEL analysis offers answers to the following questions:

  • What does your local and global environment look like?
  • What are your advantages, and what are the deficiencies in the existing and potential markets?
  • What have your competitors undertaken and done in the last three years?
  • What did you do to your competitors during the same period?
  • What dangers and threats can you expect in the future?
  • What plan did you make to minimize and avoid existing risks?

Rapid technological development and market expansion have produced new security needs in business, unknown risks, and new ways of managing risk. Therefore, security strategy is a crucial mechanism and prerequisite for healthy business development.

* Security analysis allows us to plan and implement a series of coordinated actions oriented towards strengthening security function. In addition, it will enable us to treat adverse and harmful events that make up your risk and vulnerability portfolio.

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