Modern business demands, global transformation caused by pandemics, and climate change, have led to the development of new risks affecting the organization and logic of the business systems that have become highly sensitive and vulnerable.

Adequate protection has become a priority and inevitable segment in companies’ strategic planning and expansion. Consequently, Consultigence Group appeared as a reliable partner in preparing and informing your organization’s management about crucial details of emerging market changes and demands.

We implement your ideas in practice, monitor all project phases, and report on performance, so you don’t have to engage your internal resources that are not proficient in recognizing market details and local legislation.

We monitor and check the compliance of construction projects until a comprehensive security system can take over vulnerabilities, mitigate and eliminate potential risks. The security system we build is flexible and procedurally simple for your employees and clients to comply with.

With us, the savings are apparent, and business processes significantly accelerate because we know the laws and procedures to eliminate administrative obstacles quickly. In addition, we offer a complete set of our security and consulting services respecting the unique business plan and the vision you’ve built.

We are prepared to provide you with a complete security system, from planning, defining the project tasks, conducting the risk assessment, and recommending partners for your premises’ physical and technical security.

We evaluate the project and regularly report on the realization of the action plan with costs analysis and possible discrepancies.
Our approach includes the following activities:

  • Market research and analysis,
  • Development of project task,
  • Security system planning,
  • Elaboration of technical documentation and implementation of procurements;
  • Partner solvency checking and making contracts,
  • Quality and compliance check,
  • Internal control and revision.


The Loss Prevention Project represents a set of goals and measures aimed at preventing, minimizing, and eliminating all factors that negatively affect the business and values of an organization.

Each loss is a direct consequence of the existing critical points in the system that are not adequately treated. Therefore, identifying and analyzing critical points by our experts with multidisciplinary experience is the first step in loss prevention.

We emphasize that the loss prevention program must not only be limited to material form but should apply to all losses incurred by the actions of different factors such as:

  1. Errors of senior and middle management as well as employees at the operational level,
  2. Poorly placed processes and inadequate resource management,
  3. Internal and external theft of information, ideas, plans,
  4. “Brain drain,” departure or transition of trained personnel to competing companies,
  5. Jeopardizing the organization’s image, brand, and reputation,
  6. Industrial espionage, disclosure of business secrets, intellectual property theft.

Consultigence Group develops loss prevention programs in companies and implements best business practices. After observation and preliminary assessments of your organization, we can move forward with defining goals and applying solutions for effective loss prevention policies and procedures.

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