Who We Are

Consultigence Group is a progressive corporate consulting and risk management platform specializing in the broadest range of security and compliance services required by an organization that wants to protect its interests and play a challenging market game.

Many years of experience of our experts guarantee high quality of services and efficiency in implementing the best security solutions in your business processes.

We look forward to clarifying and simplifying the definition and management of security policy and achieving overall legal compliance that is often not adequately treated and creates hidden risks detected when we least expect them.

Our approach eliminates the pressure regarding compliance with laws and standards in private security, personal data protection, corporate investigations, and emergencies. It reduces the internal resources you can allocate towards your primary business operations.

Our advanced and comprehensive platform of sophisticated services in corporate security is a successful and flexible tool applicable in diverse business systems compatible with fundamental requirements and needs.

We operate regionally and globally with a high success rate by establishing new security management standards in the best interest of all participants in the market, the economy, and society in general.

Aware that reputation is built continuously, our attention to each client is tailored, timely, professional, and based on the highest quality standards.

All our member agencies act uniformly in creating a safe business environment. As a result, we build a favorable environment for new ideas, investments, and projects while enhancing our resources and qualifications, improving the society we live and work.

Consultigence Group consists of six agencies licensed to conduct business within their respective expertise. Under Consultigence Group, all agencies act as uniform network alerted to address any clients’ concerns in the domain of protection, safety, security, and regulatory compliance.

ABSOLUT SUPPORT specializes and is certified in risk assessment in the protection of persons, property, and business stipulated by the Law on Private Security of the Republic of Serbia, business intelligence, crisis management, business continuity management, IT security, GDPR compliance. Additionally, ABSOLUT provides legal consulting and fulfills legal regulations governing private security, emergencies, fire protection, and personal data protection.

SCORP is licensed to conduct private investigations oriented towards corporate clients. Our core business target is Pre/employment Screening, Insurance Fraud, Corporate Fraud & Misappropriation, Surveillance, Asset Recovery, Missing Persons, Stolen Goods, Business Reputation Check, Ownership, and Business Affiliations research. In addition, SCORP collects evidence and acts as a witness in court in various fraud cases. Directed operative methods and practices, OSINT & HUMINT, surveillance, and interviewing techniques set SCORP apart from competitors in efficiency and affordability.

SECURITY SEE is a regional online security magazine publishing a wide range of contemporary security topics. The magazine is a leading source of information for top and mid-to-low management, experts in corporate and cybersecurity, loss prevention specialists, private investigators, and other professionals in the industry. Furthermore, it supports the expansion and development of the security industry through the promotion and integration of security and intelligent solutions by protecting individuals, property, and businesses, including direct access to technical solutions through the Security Market. In addition to informational and educational importance, the magazine has a commercial worth which makes it attractive in business and academic circles because of its concept as a unique place to promote new security trends, solutions, and contemporary approaches to corporate and public safety.

DPO-GDPR, DPO SUPPORT is a consulting platform in information security focused on personal data protection/GDPR. A team of experts provides service users with overall legal compliance with domestic and applicable international legislation, particularly the application of the GDPR Directive enforced in EU states.

Personal data protection is the fundamental need of modern enterprises. We develop and implement the latest legal methodology for project management (integrating Risk Assessment, Security Plan, GDPR projects, corporate investigations) and continuously improve processes providing efficient and customized compliance services.

Legal compliance avoids high penalties for illegal personal data leaks- minimizing business risks strengthening the brand, credibility, and market position. In addition, our expert DPO SUPPORT TEAM will support you in developing and adopting business codes and practices for personal data management, including periodic testing of the system’s resilience to potential threats and dangers.

SECURITY MARKET is an online retail security equipment platform. It offers a wide range of technical security devices to protect corporate and personal residences. It directly connects you with the best brands and distributors, providing the most competitive prices.

The Security Market’s mission is to provide the best quality online customer support with a single click to ensure that service users get the brand they want and reliable, long-term solutions to protect a business or residential infrastructure.

ABSOLUTE MARKETING & PR is a digital communications agency for marketing, public relations and website development established to provide security companies with all the necessary services for positive communication with other industries and the interested public.

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