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Security outsourcing in Serbia has become necessary because business agendas focus on its core mission and because security has evolved to a strictly regulated mechanism mandating compliance and licensing.

Our expert team takes care of the strategic alignment of a security policy with the business strategy and legislation:

  • Practical and comprehensive risk management
  • Strengthening functional and organizational resources
  • Supporting the organization’s security and resilience
  • Optimization of business and performance
  • Reduces operational expenses
  • Increases credibility
  • Strengthen competitiveness

Since a large number of companies have experienced sharp growth in the past few years and have not done a risk assessment in the protection of persons, property, and business, their ecosystem will face significant demand for security consulting and the need for the development of security infrastructure and introduction of security managers into the business operations.

Our multidisciplinary team represents a reliable partner in fighting all business challenges because it will address all your organizational and legal needs in the field of security, risk management, information protection, compliance, as well as all associated preventive engagements aimed at preserving your interests and competitiveness.

We are prepared to look at your organization’s internal and external environment and then evaluate the resources you already have, organizational structure, work procedures, and competition through SWOT analysis. This will allow us to draft a contract that defines the risk and responsibility transfer from your management to our expert team in the corporate security segment.

The essence and the primary goal of risk transfer to Consultigence Group is not only relief in terms of organization and implementation of security duties, but also transparent savings due to elimination of financial expenses for internal employees and further transfers of professional risks to an external partner.

The concept of outsourcing security worldwide receives additional confirmation of success daily as the organization’s management increasingly recognizes it as its benefit. At the same time, activities are directly implemented by highly specialized agencies and professional consultants with relevant experience and adequate professional knowledge.

It’s time for a security strategy!


Total support and “best practice” solutions in the field of corporate security can very quickly be available to you by activating our “Custom-made Security Manager” service. A professional, objective, rational, and confident tool for your adequate organizational protection.

Companies that want to retain solely on investing in the parent industry (core business) by activating our virtual security manager get much more than an internal solution that in itself generates new costs. Establishing a complete security sector within the organization has become a cumbersome and outdated business model. The obsolete model requires the company’s management investment in security through salaries, taxes, resources, etc., and other hidden costs. The total prices are significantly lower in outsourced security solutions and projected. Consultigence Group takes overall activities in security, allowing the top and mid-management to focus on their dominant roles.

The services and solutions that a company receives by hiring an external supervisor/security manager are advantageous in relation to the internal security setting because they have already been repeatedly implemented, improved, and confirmed in practice, and the risk and error transfer to the “courtyard” of partner.

Small and medium-sized enterprises without a separate corporate security department, with our help, can achieve the complete security management function. At the same time, large systems get a professional agent focused on improving security through relevant analyses, quality assessments and procedures, business intelligence, training and education, and other proven solutions.

Our  Virtual Security Management includes the following activity package:

  • Consulting – advising in the field of security management;
  • Introduction of corporate security as a management function in an organization;
  • Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property, and business (standard – SRPS A.L2.003);
  • Development of security infrastructure and creation of procedures by work processes and applicable legal regulations;
  • Crisis management and emergency management – emergency procedures;
  • BCM & BCP – Business continuity management – developing plans for business continuity;
  • Information security – introduction of security policies for personal data protection – compliance with GDPR;
  • Control of the implementation of outsourced services and partners in the field of security, protection, and maintenance (Security, Safety & Facility Services);
  • Internal control of the fire protection system and occupational health, safety, and protection (HSE service);
  • Loss Prevention Program;
  • Business Intelligence – Competition Analysis;
  • Security checks – Solvency;
  • Design of technical protection system – CCTV software integration – Alarm – Access Control – Fire Alarm;
  • Advocacy and mediation in the security and protection processes.

You can become one of the successful organizations that effectively implement all the requirements in corporate security using our partner service and obtaining tailored solutions without expensive personnel and technical investments.

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